Guangzhou Meishi Textile Co., Ltd.
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Tel.: +86-20-34785715

Buying Guide

How to wisely choose the best bedding from the complex and diverse textile market? We are delighted to offer sound and practical advice as follows:

Meishi's jacquard fabrics,polyester fabrics, and silk fabrics feature clear lines and full prints, instead of looking blurred or coarse.

The silk fabric product and cotton fabric product of Meishi Textile has a fresh and natural smell, which meets the compulsory standard of pH (4.0-7.5) of textile products.

Hand Feeling
Our silk fabrics feel fine and smooth with tightness, rather than rough or loose.

Identification Label
The product identification label of Meishi Textile is clear with the information of manufacturer name and address as well as product name, specification, ingredient content, and washing instruction.