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    1. Hotel Bed LinenDouble-layer with rounded design, simple and exquisite;
      Multi-layer on pillowcase edge, unique and stereoscopic;
      Hidden button, keeping the vogue appearance;
    1. Hotel PillowMeishi hotel pillow fits intelligently and tightly to our heads, allowing our cervical spine to relax comfortably and flexibly in its physiological curvature. The elimination of our fatigue from neck muscles and ligaments will give us a satisfactorily beautiful wake-up every day.
    1. Hotel DuvetOur hotel duvet can be categorized according to its fillings as follows: the polyester filled duvet, economical and practical; the down and feather duvet, warm and high-end; the silk filled duvet, luxury and health beneficial.
    1. Hotel TowelMade of senior cotton fibers, our towels are of higher strength and more durable than ordinary towels. It can absorb water instantly, saving energy by 30%. The soft and gentle cotton cares more about your tender skin and offers a more comfortable and natural use, allowing you to have a relaxing mood and enjoy beautiful life.
    1. Hotel Tablecloth and Chair CoverMeishi tablecloth and chair cover are available in polyester, pure cotton, and polycotton with the style of solid color, jacquard, printing, or embroidering, meeting different requirements of our valued customers. Our production process is strictly in accordance with the ISO9001 Quality Management System.
    1. Hotel Slippers

      Meishi aims to offer convenience to hotel guests. Our hotel slippers are designed to be simple and comfortable without too many decorations.

    1. NapkinThe hotel napkin from Meishi is mainly in solid color. It can also have the hotel logo printed or embroidered on its surface to impress your honorable guests.
      Material: 100% polyester
      Size: 45×45cm (customizable)
      Packing: PE bag and standard export carton
    1. Home Bedding SetFashionable and stylish, Meishi home bedding set is available in two types, printed type and jacquard type, and different yarn counts. The production process is in full compliance with the ISO9001 quality management system.
    1. Waterproof Mattress ProtectorThis mattress pad is made of the terry cloth with the density of 110g/m2 or higher and the PU film with the thickness of 0.025mm. Hence, it features excellent air permeability and water resistance, which is simple and practical.
    1. Cushion Our throw pillow is filled with domestic cotton or imported cotton and the pillow case is made of pure cotton, pure polyester, or polyester cotton. Also, our toss pillow is available in a variety of styles and patterns, like bolster and candy pillow, so you'll certainly find a favorite one.
    1. Home TowelThe home towel is a necessity in our daily life. Meishi focuses on both softness and comfort of household towels. The novel, beautiful flower pattern is also a focus of our towel design, so as to cater to different tastes of people from all walks of life.
    1. BlanketIt can be announced as an economical home bedding in winter, for it can be used as quilt or sheet. Meishi blanket is suitable for your own household use and presented as a gift for those you care.