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Would you like to freely throw yourself into an extremely comfortable bed after a tiring day? How about kindly letting your beloved families have a total elimination of all-day fatigue and dizziness? Meishi Textile can make them come true! Affordable upscale hotel linen and cozy home bedding are both available in trustworthy Meishi Textile, a 15-year experienced Chinese textile manufacturer whose premium bed products are trusted by high-end hotels such as Starwood and Shangri-La with the evidence of their promising long-term corporation. Our textile products are categorized into bed linen, bath linen and table linen, covering duvet, towel, blanket, napkin, slippers, quilt cover, quilt fabric, bed cover sheet, cushion, throw pillow, mattress protector, etc. Your individual needs on bedclothes and related textile products can be fully met at Meishi Textile. + View all

  • Hotel Linen
  • Your wise choice of hotel supplies is the key to success. Meishi is devoted in the design of novel hotel linen, and particularly focuses on the comfort and home feeling conveyed to every honorable guest.

  • Home Linen
  • We have already softly and gently wrapped sweet dream in elegant and fashionable home linen. The gorgeous and comfortable sheet, quilt cover and pillowcase, etc. are always there in bedrooms ...

    1. Solid Color Bed Linen

      Double-layer with rounded design, simple and exquisite;
      Multi-layer on pillowcase edge, unique and stereoscopic;
      Hidden button, keeping the vogue appearance;

    1. Down and Feather Pillow

      It rigidly leaves our heads on the top with cervical spine vacant, making our neck muscles and joint ligaments stay in tension and vertebral artery pathway blocked.

    1. Polyester Filled Duvet

      The polyester filled duvet with 4 fiber holes is suitable for higher room temperature, and those with more fiber holes are applicable for the need of higher heat retention.

    1. Down and Feather Duvet

      Generally speaking, high quality down and feather quilt contains more than 50 % of down and feather, and our hotel duvet contains more than 90%.

    1. Hand Towel

      The soft and gentle cotton cares more about your tender skin and offers a more comfortable and natural use, allowing you to have a relaxing mood and enjoy beautiful life.

    1. Hotel Slippers

      Meishi aims to offer convenience to hotel guests. Our hotel slippers are designed to be simple and comfortable without too many decorations.